Wireless Audio Mic

Item No.: BLMIC1
Earphone changed to wireless microphone
For Live streaming and Vlog

Accurate pickup

Remote recording, Live streaming


Use it, Live anytime

The sound of eating, chewing, and cutting vegetables is clear and bright, which will increase your fans.


Plug and play

Simple and easy to connect, let your bluetooth earphones also have radio function during live video recording

Indoor Live Broadcast Quiet and clear
The wireless live broadcast is helpful to capture more sound details


Vlog on mobile phone
Support long-distance recording

Record Vlog with built-in camera, outdoor long-distance pickup is easier

Mobile live broadcast
Use Bluetooth earphones as microphone for live broadcast, You can also charge the phone at the same time

Computer live broadcast
Support the computer to use Bluetooth earphones for live video streaming

Three kinds of connectors
Powerful and compatible

The product is equipped with Type-C and USB cables, as well as Apple adapters, which can be well adapted to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops


Qualcomm chip

Clear sound recording, long-distance wireless high-definition recording


Music mode
Computer with Bluetooth earphone/speaker

Switch to music mode become the Bluetooth audio transmitter

Mini portable
The size likes a thumb, does not take up space