Video Capture Card

Item No.: THB03
Switch / Game / Live Broadcast; Video Capture; 4K ring out

Video capture card

1080P/60Hz  Switch / game / live, 4K ring out

Synchronization, computer games, screen recording / live broadcast
One computer plays games, and the other does not occupy CPU for live broadcast / screen recording

Game connection, ring out display, recording screen live
Switch / ps5 is connected to the large screen, with low ring out delay. The large screen game is more fluent, playing while recording, and sharing wonderful moments

Mobile live, audio output can be independent
Listen to music and interact. You can also hear your voice clearly in noisy environment

Efficient heat dissipation, special structure + alloy material
Air inlets are designed on both sides and fins are set on the top to make full use of the air to dissipate heat. The alloy material has strong thermal conductivity and can quickly export internal heat