USB4 Type-C Cable

Item No.: UCD4
40Gbps/Power Delivery/240W Power Supply/8K@60Hz/Compatible with Thunderbolt 3/4 /E-Marker Chip

How powerful is USB4?

USB4 is built by the USB-IF association based on the underlying protocol of Thunderbolt 3, supporting a transmission rate of 40Gbps, 8K@60Hz high definition highly versatile with USB-C industry standards, and more comprehensive interface protocols

40Gbps Data Transmission

Transfer Large Files in Seconds
External Thunderbolt HDD, actual reading and writing up to 2500MB/s

Compatible with Docking Station
Double Transmission Efficiency

Support connecting docking station and transferring more devices
It can be used as a docking station connection cable to meet the power supply requirements at the same time

Fast Charging
PD3.1 Standard

Supports up to 48V/5A high-power, providing fast power supply for devices

8K@60Hz Video Transmission
Connect mobile computers, game consoles, and other devices that support the DisplayPort (DP) protocol for high-definition transmission

Only 13cm
Convenient to Carry

Used in conjunction with mobile power sources, small size and space saving