USB-C to DP Cable

Item No.: UCD01
Support mutual conversion; DP1.4 version; Support 8K/60Hz

Two-way mutual transfer, one-cable dual use

Support Type-C to DP and DP to Type-C bidirectional mutual conversion with one more choice and wider use
DP1.4 technology, full performance
Compared with DP1.2, DP1.4 adds the display compression streaming function to support higher resolution and update frequency under the same bandwidth
240Hz refresh rate, fast and smooth
Support 4K/144Hz, 2K/165Hz, 1080P/240Hz high refresh rate to reduce motion blur, respond quickly, and enjoy the game masterpiece
8K resolution
Support 8K resolution transmission, 4 times the definition of 4K, and display higher definition
Replication/expansion, two connection modes
Mirror mode: the small screen is synchronized to the large screen, and the details are clearer
Expended mode: small screen and large screen display different contents without interference
Alloy shell braided body
The alloy shell conducts heat faster; High-density braided body, strong and non-winding