USB 3.0 to Dual HDMI Adapter

Item No.: U2H
Dual Screen Expansion / Highly Compatible

Four-port Expansion Meet Multiple Needs
While expanding the HDMI interface, it also expands an audio port and a USB port, which can be connected to devices such as mouse and keyboard

Dual screen connection
Easy to use for office/entertainment
Two HDMI interfaces can be connected to the external screen at the same time to display the same/different content

Connect the projector
Clear presentation of the meeting, picture synchronization, large-screen meeting is more convenient

USB interface
Connect USB devices such as mouse/keyboard
U disk, Mouse, Keyboard, Hard disk, Printer, USB fan

Two modes, switch at will
Mirror mode
Large screen viewing, the picture is clearer
Extended mode
Office and entertainment are both right

HD Display
1080P resolution, so that the picture clearly shows more details
The resolution of the USB3.0 interface is 1080P, and the USB2.0 interface is only 800*600

Alloy material
Metal texture, efficient heat dissipation, shielding interference