Type-C/USB Video Capture Card

Item No.: TC49
Dual interface design; 4K video loop out

Two modes: 4K loop-out + video capture
Restore shadows, textures and other details in the game screen

Two-in-one interface, free switching
Capture and record devices that support both USB and Type-C interfaces. Meet the needs of different interfaces at the same time

Simultaneous progress, computer games, screen recording/live streaming
One computer game, one computer live recording, each performs its own duties, and the game/live broadcast is smooth

1080P 60Hz is smoother and clearer
Switch/mobile phone can be connected to the computer, play and record, live online, and witness every wonderful victory

Game console connection loop out display Screen recording and live broadcast
Switch/PS5 is connected to a large screen, the loop-out delay is low, the game on the large screen is smoother, and you can record while playing, and share wonderful moments together

4K high-definition visual effects, 60 frames of delicate picture
4K/60Hz high-definition input/loop-out, 1080P/60Hz video capture and recording, restore details such as shadows and textures in the picture, so that every pixel is fresh and flexible

Widely compatible with a variety of screen recording software
Potplayer. OBS. wirecast. VMIX .XSplit and other software can be used

Alloy material quickly dissipates heat
Alloy shell + heat dissipation fins, which can quickly dissipate the internal heat