Type-c to HDMI adapter

Item No.: TCH02/TCH01
4K HD, clear and delicate picture
Support 4K high-definition video transmission, the picture is clearer, the details are more, the playback is smoother, and the movie watching is more shocking.

Mobile phone connection, big screen viewing
Wide viewing angle, clear details, large screen visual enjoyment, watching movies more enjoyable.

Notebook connection, large screen display
The notebook is connected to the large screen, the screen is synchronized, office, meeting, movie watching, and webpage are more enjoyable.

iPad Pro connection, big screen is more comfortable
Let the children say goodbye to the small screen and put all kinds of videos they want to watch on the high-definition big screen.

Computer mode, mobile office is more flexible
Connect the monitor, the mobile phone can be changed into the computer host in seconds, training conferences, speech teaching can be controlled at will.
*Suitable for phones with Huawei computer mode/Samsung DEX mode/Hammer TNT mode.

Same screen/split screen, two connection modes
Same screen: the small screen of the notebook becomes larger, and the details are clearer;
Split screen: Small screen and large screen display different content without interfering with each other, making office work more convenient.

Alloy material shell, easy to dissipate heat
Alloy material shell, fine surface sandblasting treatment, wear resistance and oxidation resistance. The side radiating fins can quickly dissipate the internal heat.