Switch charging station

Item No.: SW071
Charge 4 joycon at the same time, store 9 game cards
It is both a charging dock and a game card organizer
Support 4 joycons to charge at the same time, can store 9 game cards.

Support 4 joycons to charge at the same time
Support simultaneous charging of 4 gamepads, plug and play, regardless of left or right, enjoy exciting games .

9 game card slots, precise slotting
Can store 9 Switch game cards, easy to use.

Uninterrupted charging while playing battery
Play the game while charging, the joycone is uninterrupted, and you can play and have fun.

Unlock a new way to play with Switch
Keep the battery fully charged, and you can play against or play cooperatively at any time to share the fun.

Design every little detail carefully, taking every subtlety into consideration
The bottom silicone design, the bottom uses the silicone anti-skid pad, which is stable and does not slide
Removable glue design, removable glue is used inside the side to prevent displacement, fully fit