Rotating Switch Game Card Case

Item No.: SWCB05
Rotating design
Random card selection
Convenient storage
Large capacity storage

360 ° rotation Decompression and Fun

Manual rotation design, forward and backward rotation according to the heart, smooth without stagnation, and endless fun rotation

Randomly draw cards to overcome selection difficulties
No longer worrying about which game to play, which game to draw and which to play

Bottom silicone is stable and non slip
Large silicone material, stable and not easy to slide

Creative storage, large capacity space
Store up to 10 Switch game cards and enjoy gaming together with the Switch

Magnetic levitation principle does not damage the card
Using the same polarity repulsion characteristic of magnets, push the card out from the bottom

Transparent, visually pleasing, and dustproof
Transparent protective cover, high-definition and high transparency, dustproof and dustproof