Phone Stand

Item No.: MPS01
Exquisite design, fine adjustment, inspiration from Apple Pro Display XDR, simple but not simple
Simple without losing texture
Exquisite design, fine adjustment, inspiration from Apple Pro Display XDR, simple but not simple

Reserve the charging hole and play while charging
At the bottom of the charging port, play while charging, and brush the video two times; at the back of the fixed line card slot, prevent random wiring, and keep the desktop clean

Multiple angles, free adjustment
The angle of 0 ° - 60 ° can be adjusted at will. There is always a view angle for you

Refuse to be a bowhead
Scientific viewing angle, comfortable new posture

Triple protection, no damage to the machine
The panel, groove and bottom are protected by antiskid silica gel to prevent the phone from slipping accidentally

Mobile / tablet general
One thing, multi-purpose, mobile phone and tablet can be used

One piece, excellent texture
Aluminum alloy integrated molding, stable center of gravity, anti dumping, fine texture

Stable without shaking
Triangle structure frame, thick and stable, vibrated by incoming power, unable to press down

Follow the drama without blocking subtitles
The groove depth just fits the mobile phone frame, preventing the mobile phone from sliding without blocking the subtitle

Steel runner shaft
The shaft is made of saigang materials, which increases the smoothness of rotation

Small and non occupied
Small size does not occupy space, the desktop is placed at will, understand the space and know you better