LED Display USB C Adapter

Item No.: TUA04
Monitoring current, voltage, and power
PD3.1 240W power supply
40Gbps data transmission
8K/60Hz HD
Real time monitoring of intelligent digital charging status
LED digital display screen design, real-time display of current, voltage, and power

Supports 240W fast charging PD3.1 standard
Supports 48V/5A, provides fast power supply for devices, and is backward compatible with PD3.0/PD2.0

Support 40Gbps data transfer and transfer large files in seconds
External mobile hard drive, tested speed can reach 3000MB/s, greatly reducing time

Supports 8K/60Hz video transmission
Connect mobile phones, computers, game consoles, and other devices that support the DisplayPort (DP) protocol for high-definition transmission

Alloy shell anti slip and anti detachment
Reinforced on both sides, designed to prevent the shell from detaching and making it easier to plug and unplug