Invisible Laptop Stand

Item No.: ZN1
Three heights can be switched freely, and the angle can be easily adjusted

Bilateral Folding
Realize the switching of three heights in a small size

Double stability
The increased bottom sticking surface solves the problem that the back sticking stand is easy to fall off, making the stand more stable

Invisible and Compact
Hidden in one, no space

Ventilation and Heat Dissipation
Raise the bottom of the laptop, increase the inclined design, enhance the air circulation at the bottom of the laptop, speed up the heat dissipation, and make the heat dissipation easier

Raise the Line of Sight
No need to lower your head and sit for a long time, convenient operation and comfortable office

Good Material Attention to Detail
High strength and hardness, wear resistance and durability
Silica Gel avoid slipping and protect the laptop

Two Color Option
Available in grey/silver, it blends with the color of your laptop