HDMI VGA Video Adapter For Apple

Item No.: G6L
Home Theatre/Conference Speech/Leisure Entertainment
Audio-visual synchronization is like staying in a cinema
The content of mobile phone/pad will be put into TV or projector to get a broader view, independent audio output, external speaker equipment to watch movies have a greater sense of presence, and immerse in it wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly.

Connect two monitors together
The two interfaces are convenient to use, support simultaneous output, double-screen display meeting, video teaching is not afraid that the screen is not enough.

Easy Demonstration of Connecting Projector Conference
PPT files can be easily projected onto the projection, without the need for computer screen synchronization, office demonstration is more convenient.

Full HD Painting Quality The World Really Presents to You
Supports 1080P high-definition video signal transmission, high-speed and stable transmission of video and image signals, smooth picture without frame dropping.

Plug and Play  Easy to Connect
Plug in and connect, small screen becomes big screen, so it's so easy to put in.

Dominate the game
Connect the projector or TV to enjoy visual experience, clearer details, immersive and refreshing experience.

Aluminum alloy material
Alloy appearance, exquisite surface sandblasting treatment, soft color and simple style, high color value, wear resistance and oxidation resistance.