HDMI Bi-Direction Switch/Splitter

Item No.: HD0201
4K-60Hz 3D Visual Effect, PLUG and PLAY, Reasonable Interface Space, Two Modes Two-way Switching

Two Modes Two-way Switching
HDMI 2 inputs 1 output or 1 input 2 outputs dual-choice, two devices connected to a display, or a device connected to two monitors. The two devices can be switched at will without delay in work and entertainment. (NOTICE: two screens CANNOT display simultaneously)
This HDMI switch is easy to use. No external power supply needed, just connect your HDMI devices to enjoy! Simple press of a button to swap signal within one second, and the LED light tells you which port is active.
4K-60Hz 3D Visual Effect
4K-60Hz Higher-technology No Shadow No Splash Screen. High-definition signal conversion, support 4K*2K 60Hz, showing better color space; stereo 3D visual effect, video playback noise-free, no blurred screen, at home can enjoy the cinema-level visual feast.
Reasonable Interface Space
The distance between two HDMI interfaces is bigger and more reasonable. It is suitable for more HDMI connections of different sizes to avoid the simultaneous access of cables.

HDMI Splitter Switcher suitable for most devices with standard HDMI interface. Input: computer, XBox 360, XBox One, PS3 / PS4, Blu-Ray DVD player, Route Roku, Chromecast, PC etc. Output: HD-Ready, Full HD TVs, Apple TV, monitors, projectors etc.