Handheld Phone Stand

Item No.: ZS1套装
Relieve Little Finger Pressure; Watch Video with Single Hand
Watch Video with Single Hand
Use the stand instead of your little finger to relieve pressure and prevent your little finger from being pressed out of groove

Free your hands and watch movies easily
Turn into a desktop stand for stable support and more comfortable watch movies

Tablet can also be supported
Use 2 stands at the same time
The small stand also has large energy, the tablet can be used stably

Farewell to Clutter
It can be used as a cable tie and bent at will. More ways to play, waiting for you to find out

Compatible with Various Thicknesses
The mobile phone can be used with or without a protective case
Grooves of two widths are reserved and can be folded at will
Two different heights are designed at both ends to prevent the device from sliding

Safety Silicone Material
Waterproof and Skin Friendly
The exterior is made of safe silica gel, with delicate hand feel, flexibility and comfort, non-toxic and no peculiar smell

Three Colors Choose At Will
3 colors, matching according to the color of your mobile phone