CUBE Phone Backup Device

Item No.: BU100
Automatic backup of mobile phone pictures, videos and contacts
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Automatic Backup Photos and Videos
Support automatic backup and manual backup to free up mobile phone space
Backup while Charging
It can also charge the mobile phone while backing up, which is simple and convenient

No Need Network More Secure than Network Disk
Don't worry about the slow network speed. It is more secure and easier to use than the network disk
Easily Manage Storage Contents
Backup information such as pictures, videos, documents and contact information can be freely choose on the APP, and can also be quickly restored
Widely Compatibility
Support Android 7.0 or above and iOS 9.0 or above

Easy Expanded Storage Space
Support Micro SD card, USB flash disk and mobile hard disk, effectively use storage devices

APP Download
Select the system of the device, scan the code or click the image to download the APP


Android / HarmonyOS

APP Function Description
       ①  Connected storage device information
       ②  Securely ejecting storage device
       ③  Storage device content classification
       ④  Enter storage device
       ⑤  Enter mobile phone
       ⑥  Set options such as "Automatic Backup"