Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

Item No.: X7
Bluetooth version 5.0, receive / transmitter, wireless, optical fiber / Aux / USB, three connection modes
Receive / transmit / bypass, one key switch
Receive / transmit / bypass mode one key switch, applicable to multiple devices

Optical fiber / Aux / USB, three connection modes
It supports optical fiber interface, aux interface and USB interface, and can connect computers, TVs, mobile phones, audio and other devices to realize wireless transmission

Transmitter mode, TV can also connect to Bluetooth
Solve the problem that the TV can't connect to the Bluetooth headset. The world outside the headset is still quiet and won't disturb the family

Transmitter mode, wireless control desktop
Transmitter mode, connect to computer host, desktop is no longer "wired", wireless control is more free

Receiver mode, old speaker second to Bluetooth speaker
Connect the old speaker, and the speaker without Bluetooth function can also be transmitted wirelessly

One for two function, receiver mode
Connect two mobile phones at the same time, and switch between two mobile phones at will

One drag two function, transmitter mode
Connect two Bluetooth headsets or speakers at the same time, share the same music and watch the same movie

TWS function, retrofitting old speakers
Reception mode, two x7s connect two old speakers at the same time, creating a ups and downs of stereo surround sound effect

Bypass mode
Function 1: direct connection (optical fiber / audio cable interconnection)
Function 2: external sound card (USB and optical fiber / audio interconnection)

Colorful LED light, know the working status at a glance
Multi color LED indicator, different status, different color

Bluetooth 5.0 higher audio quality
Support for aptx, aptx ll, aptx HD Bluetooth decoding

Built in battery, long endurance
Built in rechargeable lithium battery, with a endurance of about 13-18 hours. It can be used while charging, without the worry of power failure.