Bluetooth Headphones

Item No.: Q90
ANC+ENC, Active call dual noise reduction, AAC sound quality, long endurance
ANC active noise reduction technology, more immersive in the ear
35dB deep noise reduction, intelligent detection of extra noise in the external and ear canal, and the moving coil unit denoise the acoustic noise by reducing the noise in order to achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

Deep noise reduction, no noise can be heard at all
In the crowded crowd or noisy subway, the noise reduction effect is deepened, and the severe low frequency noise is effectively weakened, so that you can enjoy the quiet.

Transparent mode, you can hear outside sound without taking off headphones
The transparent mode allows the external voice to enter, and the clear voice can be obtained without taking off the earphone, so as to talk with the people around easily.

ENC call noise reduction, voice chat like face-to-face
Through the dual microphone array, it can accurately calculate the speaker's speaking position and remove all kinds of interference noise in the environment. The call has never been so clear.

Intelligent touch, listening to the melody of freedom
Sensitive touch, let the music touch, high-quality aac audio, rich levels, pleasant.

”Hi! Siri ", wake up voice assistant
Click on either side of the touch area 2 to activate Siri. In the era of voice intelligence, you can demand songs, stories and radio broadcasts you want to listen to.
*Support for Android voice assistant

IPx4 sports waterproof, waterproof and sweat proof, music unobstructed

Life class waterproof, no fear of strenuous exercise, sweating, so that you can listen indoors and outdoors.

High performance chip, fast processing
Real time noise reduction, using hengxuan bes2300-zp chip, can quickly collect / process and collect external noise sound waves, making real-time noise reduction possible. ANC active noise reduction technology, more immersive in the ear