35W GaN USB C Charger

Item No.: TC35
Minimalist lines, pure appearance, creating a miniature building on your desktop
No worry about iPhone battery

The Gallium Nitride Max accelerates, making iPhone battery life worry free. It can meet various demands of charger+Docking station+network transmission.

Mini size looks great

Minimalist architectural design, with a volume close to that of a smartwatch.

35W high-power iPad can also charge quickly

GaN gallium nitride chip, fast charging without waiting.

Warm light effect charging visible

Small window lighting design, lights up when charging; After the external device is connected, the slightly yellow light turns into bright white

Foldable pins for more portable travel

Invisible pins to protect other devices from scratches.

GaN gallium nitride low-temperature fast charging without damaging the machine

Equipped with GaN gallium nitride black technology, low-temperature fast charging, charging without damaging the device

One charger to handle multiple devices

Support fast charging of mainstream mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles on the market